So check this out from The NewsHour on PBS regarding the arrest of Abu Hamza:

"...prosecutors said the one-eyed preacher WHO HAS NO HANDS had tried to incite holy war..."

Interesting.  And this is the graphic they ran with the story:

Gee, we have no idea how he managed to escape.

Michael Moore has a new movie called "Overweight 451" or something.  This guy is the darling of the left and I just don't get it.  "Roger & Me" was denied documentary status because Moore intentionally placed scenes out of order to help make his case against General Motors.  "Bowling For Columbine" was riddled with several lies, misleading edits and staged scenes and should have been disqualified.  Do you lefties really think this self-loathing tub of goo is going to start telling you the truth all of a sudden?  I fear the answer is that you really don't care if he's truthful or not as long as he advances your socialist agenda.

So David Gergen is on the teevee saying we need to abandon the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.  That's close - we need to tear it down and replace it with a Starbucks - sooner rather than later.  And just how long will it be before Playboy features "The Women of Abu Ghraib"?

This is from my newspaper following the massive train explosion in North Korea:

"North Korea lauded the "heroic deaths" of four people killed after running into collapsing or burning buildings after the explosion to retrieve portraits of leader Kim Jong Il Sung."

Trust me, if my house catches fire I won't be running back in to rescue my portraits of George Bush.  Of course, my shrine to Condoleezza is another matter.

So the story in my paper yesterday said that gas prices are not as high as they seem.  They show that in 1980, the price of gas was $1.35 a gallon and that adjusting for inflation would make it $2.78 a gallon - 70 cents above today's average.

As usual, they've missed the REAL story.  These numbers show that in the last 24 years, inflation has been over 100 percent!  In case you don't know this, inflation is another government TAX on you.  Inflation is caused by the government printing too much money.  But they spend the money right after they print it while the value is still relatively high and before the market figures out there's too much money in the system.  By the time YOU get the money, it's worth less than when the government spent it.

Have you listened to Air America?  Me neither.  But I did see Al Franken's opening remarks on TV and one of the first things out of his mouth was a drug reference aimed at Rush Limbaugh.  So coupling that with the fact that Franken stupidly named his show The O'Franken Factor perhaps shows that the man is more interested in sniping at his enemies than advancing new ideas.  He'd better come up with a VISION and some INSIGHT because only 12-year-olds will listen to personal attacks for more than an hour.  And his guest on day one was Michael Moore!  Yet Franken has the nerve to call Limbaugh fat and O'Reilly a liar?

Donald Trump has announced that he plans to trademark the phrase "You're fired."  But that phrase isn't much different from, "You are the Weakest Link - goodbye."  The only real difference I can see between Trump and Ann Robinson is that Trump has better hair.

So atheist Michael Newdow presented his Pledge of Allegiance case to the Supreme Court yesterday.  In response, justice Stephen Breyer said, "It's not perfect, but it serves a purpose of unification and has the small price of offending a few people like you."  That's an amazing statement, isn't it?  If the pledge is supposed to unify the country, does it make any sense to exclude the 8% who are non-believers?  Wouldn't it be more unifying to remove the offending phrase so everyone could recite the pledge?

Wow!  Martha Stewart was found guilty today.  Chalk one up for the Giuliani wannabes.  If I understand this correctly, Martha was found guilty of covering up a crime she didn't commit and wasn't charged with.  Damned if I can figure it out.  It's almost as mystical as the cops in the Rodney King beating getting prison time after a jury found them not guilty.

At least we can all rest easier knowing that the government is protecting us from all those dangerous domestic divas.  And the FDA, the bureaucracy that created this insider information, isn't even mentioned - much less punished.  

So that fathead Bill Bennett was just on with that fathead Bill O'Reilly.  Bennett says the equal protection clause doesn't apply to gay marriage because the law IS equal:  A heterosexual man can't marry another man and a heterosexual woman can't marry another woman so it's equal for everyone.  But that's like having a law that says a person can't go out in public if they're menstruating.  That would be equal - women can't leave the house when they're menstruating and neither can men.

The geniuses in San Francisco have done it again.  They've raised the minimum wage for restaurant workers from $6.75 to $8.50.  What will be the result?  A lot of poor minorities will lose their jobs because the restaurants can no longer afford their services.  The cost of restaurant food will go up (the money has to come from somewhere) which means that poor people who live in the city won't be able to go out to eat as often as before.  And of course, many restaurants will simply go out of business.  Congratulations to the city that knows how.

To all of you women on the left: Do you realize that if Bill and Hillary had succeeded in getting their health care bill passed, George Bush and John Ashcroft would now have total control over abortion?  I honestly don't know how you people get dressed in the morning because it's obvious you can't even operate in your own self-interest.

Hidden in Hillary's plan was a clause that said anyone who goes to a doctor outside the system for a procedure not covered by the system has committed a crime, and both the doctor and the patient would face prison time.  See, in a socialistic system, the program is far more important than the individual and these restrictions become "necessary for the good of society."  So, all an anti-abortion president would have to do is remove abortion from the health care plan and your decades-long fight for reproductive freedom will end in a festering heap.  Use an abortion clinic - go to jail.

And now most, if not all, of the Democratic candidates are pledging to institute government health care.  Send them money - carry their signs - work on their campaigns - vote for them.  Then sit back and watch your own demise.  You claim abortion as your most precious right and now you want to turn it over, in its entirety, to the only organization that can take it away from you.  And they will. 

There's been a lot of talk about the health care "crisis" lately.  According to the California HealthCare Foundation, approximately 1.6 million uninsured in California have incomes of more than $50,000.  So if health insurance is so important, why don't these people just go buy it?  Do you think they have a car or two?  A house?  A nice television, DVD player and stereo?  Think they go to Starbucks for a $4.00 latte?  Think they go to movies and restaurants?

The reason most of these people don't have health insurance is because they don't consider it a priority.  They would rather spend their money on luxury items.  And it's all the better if they can coerce some other slob to buy them insurance.

Want affordable health care for everyone?  Simple.  Just get rid of the HMO Act and Medicare and Medicaid and the FDA and the DEA.  Health care costs are out of control - not in spite of government involvement but BECAUSE of it.

So why does anyone listen to pollsters?  These rubes with their "scientific" polls predicted a close four-way race in the Iowa caucus.  The pundits mostly got it wrong, also.  Not only that, most pundits call themselves "pundints."  But I'm willing to overlook all of this solely because the caucus spelled the end of Dick Gephardt's career.  Goodbye - don't come back.

Last night, Jon Stewart was interviewing a scientist from NASA.  Over and over, he kept asking why we were exploring Mars.  No matter what she answered, he kept on with the snide questions.  And tonight, he did a hit piece about George Bush's plan to send a manned mission to Mars.  The conclusion was the usual leftie garbage: What about the problems on Earth?  We need health care and handouts and full-time nannies.

So here's a Mars primer for all of you:  The Chinese have recently had a string of successes in their space program.  I guarantee you that Bush has received intelligence that the Chinese are planning manned missions, first to the moon and then to Mars.  Now, it's written in international law that no country can own a celestial body and that will probably hold sway in regards to the moon as it could be construed to be a "possession" of Earth.  But not Mars.  If the Chinese get there first, they can just claim it for their own.  And after a few generations, the Martian colonists will declare their independence.  Do you want all the resources of Mars in the hands of the Americans or the Communists?

It's quite possible that 250 years from now, George W. Bush will be known as the Thomas Jefferson of Mars.

So Dick Gephardt is at it again.  Now he wants an international minimum wage.  International!  I haven't seen such oblivious pomposity since San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein called for WORLDWIDE gun control!  Think rice farmers in rural China should be getting seven bucks an hour?  And just where would all of this money come from?  Will Gephardt just pull it out of his ass?  Oh, I know, he'll sign an executive order creating the money out of nothing.  The man is a GENIUS.

According to Gephardt's website, each country would be allowed to set their own minimum wage according to their economic realities.  I have an idea:  why don't we stop this imperialistic nonsense and leave other countries alone?  Let THEM decide how their workers should be paid.  Remember when the U.S. was an EXAMPLE of how things should be done? 


The planet is doomed.  Civilization is lost.  As a libertarian, I usually have the utmost confidence that people, over time, will make the right choices.  Okay, so maybe there's just no explaining the popularity of Law & Order or Rob Schneider but overall, people are intrinsically good and the market is the best way to determine product quality.  Polls, on the other hand, are distorted, biased and lack the general refinement brought about by the filtering effect of millions of people.  And "experts" are quite often blinded by their own prejudices and taste.

Polls now show that Hillary Clinton is the most popular woman in the country.  And Nicole Kidman is supposed to be the most beautiful.  If that isn't sick enough, the BBC voted the Beatles' Obladi-Oblada the worst song ever.  Worse than Honey by Bobby Goldsboro.  Worse than Sailing.  Worse than the Bright Elusive Butterfly of Love.  And then Rolling Stone magazine gets some hack critics together to decide the best all time rock 'n' roll songs and their number one choice is Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan - a stupid, poorly performed piece of dreck not even worthy of mention in the top million.  

I'm gonna eat some worms.

As I write this, the death toll in south Asia is over 80,000 as the result of a major earthquake and subsequent tsunami.  So is this what you creationist freaks are referring to when you talk about "intelligent design"?

It's time for us to admit that our prison system has a major problem.  Apparently, there are some wardens who are releasing convicted felons solely on the basis of whether or not the prisoner can determine the color of the hat the warden has placed on his head.   When will this liberal madness stop?

The supervisors of San Francisco, quite possibly the most arrogant yet incredibly stupid humans on the planet, have just voted to ban guns in their city.  They claim it's in response to the many murders they've had lately.  Now here's a news flash: murder is already illegal.  If criminals obeyed laws, they wouldn't be criminals.  And the criminals in San Francisco aren't going to start obeying THIS law.  "Gee, I was going to kill some people tonight, but I'm not allowed to own a gun.  I guess I'll go to a movie instead." 

Since the only people who will turn in their guns will be the naive, innocent citizens, the result will be emboldened criminals and a skyrocketing crime rate.  The supervisors have just voted to help the criminals by disarming their victims.  San Francisco's murder rate will go up - not down.  Trust me on this.  Thugs and assorted scum will flock from all points in the Bay Area to San Francisco to take advantage of the sitting ducks.

The people of San Francisco need to vote down this atrocity, and then remove all of the supervisors who voted to put their socialist-infected egos above the Bill of Rights.

John Kerry is now blaming Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting and conservative talk radio for his loss in the election.  John boy, the fault is all yours and here are just a few examples:  

To my knowledge, I've never watched Sinclair Broadcasting and I rarely listen to the radio but I do watch Fox News.  Dare I say, they were fair and balanced in their coverage of you and George Bush.  I might also note, you were invited several times to appear with Bill O'Reilly but you declined.  Maybe you should go hang out with Gore and Dukakis or maybe help OJ search for the real killers.  But give up politics - you're done.

There's a new group of morons who are pushing to amend the Constitution so Arnold can run for president.   First, Arnold has been governor of California for under a year.  What makes anybody think he's qualified to be president?  Second, it's insane to change the Constitution to accommodate one person.  Third, when WWII broke out, thousands of naturalized German and Japanese citizens left the U.S. for their homelands.  Fourth, the Framers decided this was a bad idea because foreign powers could prep a charismatic leader to take over the country and, face it, the Framers were smarter than you.  And finally, the last country to elect a foreign-born Austrian as leader of their country found many of their citizens turned into lampshades.

So now it turns out that murdering your wife is illegal in California.  Who knew?

John Kerry just gave his concession speech and I'll be the first to admit that he was gracious and put the best interests of the country above his own.  It was a class act that caught me by surprise.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Michigan, Michael Moore is gurgling face down in his bowl of oatmeal.  I guess he didn't figure that his propaganda film would be used by Bin Laden to help re-elect Bush.

I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for doo-doo.  It's election night and John Edwards just gave a short speech saying that they owe it to the American people to make sure every vote is counted.  Does this mean they're going to recount the votes in states Kerry won?  No, they're only interested in recounting the votes where they lost and the margins are close.   They're not interested in making sure your vote was counted - they are only interested in themselves.

If you don't believe that, this is what Kerry said yesterday:  "This is the moment of accountability for America.  All of the hopes and dreams of our country are on the line today. The choice is clear."  

Are all your hopes and dreams resting on the election of John Kerry?   Are you really that pathetic?  And how can one man be so arrogant?

This coming November, what if George Bush wins the popular vote but John Kerry wins the election?  Think Hillary and the lefties will still want to do away with the Electoral College or will it now reflect the wisdom of the Framers?  I love arguments from principle.

Have you seen that vitamin commercial set in a firehouse?  You have the middle-aged fire chief with his two young firefighters and he's telling them they need this new vitamin product that's supposed to protect their prostate.  At the end he says, "I gotta protect my guys."  Love it.  Of course, this kind of thing has been around a long time.  The other day I was watching an old black & white Perry Mason rerun and the dialogue went like this:

Mason:  Your honor, I'd like to call the owner of the Johnson Transport Company.

Judge:  Is there a Harry Johnson in the courtroom?

Nowadays you could get fined for something like that.

I was wondering how long it would take for some hysterical freak to blame Bush for all the hurricanes.  Turns out, it didn't take too long.  Ivan is festering off the coast of Grenada and Molly Ivins writes this:

When "Hurricane Hits Florida Yet Again" becomes a standing headline right up there with "Canadian Trade Talks Continue," you may want to put people in charge of policy who recognize that global warming not only exists but threatens us all.

Actual scientists have already explained that the frequency of hurricanes moves in 30-40 year cycles and we are now starting a period of increased activity.   And one more thing, Molly: the temperature of Earth fluctuates in cycles also.  Or maybe you'd like to blame the Middle Ages Warming Period on George Bush just for good measure.

In reference to John Kerry's health care plan,  Tuh-RAY-zuh Heinz Kerry said, "Only an idiot wouldn't like this."  Idiot?!?  Hon, I could match IQs with you and have 50 points left over.  Socialist medicine is failing all over the planet and therefore it would be logical to conclude that the people in opposition are the intelligent ones.  What was it Einstein said about mental illness?

So this hurricane in Florida is bringing out the usual economically-illiterate, grandstanding bureaucrats whining about "gouging."  Pricing items higher in a disaster zone is not immoral - in fact, it's just the opposite.  First, let's say you need some water and some batteries and the only store open is charging 300% over retail.  This means that you will buy only what you absolutely need, leaving items for others to purchase.  In other words, "gouging" helps prevent hoarding. 

Second, the store owner probably would like to be with his family at this horrible time instead of selling things to you.  If you deny him his "hazard pay," then maybe he'll figure keeping the store open isn't worth it.  And if he closes the store, then you get nothing.  

Third, new supplies have to be trucked in.  If you owned a truck worth $150,000, would you want to assume the added risk (and time) of driving through the wreckage of a disaster zone without added compensation?

It should also be noted that hookers at the Democratic National Convention were charging as much as $2000 an hour for their services.  Hear anybody complain about gouging there?

So tonight John Kerry actually said it:  Health care is a right.  Well, no it isn't.  No one has a right to someone else's services.  The first amendment says you have freedom of the press - it doesn't say you have the right to a press.  The second amendment says the government can't take away the guns you own - it doesn't say you have the right to a gun.  If you have a right to health care then a doctor can be forced to provide it for you and that would obviously violate his or her rights.

Health care is considered a right in Canada, however.  Pay no attention to the fact that Canada loses about 1000 doctors every year and the average wait time for a specialist is now over 17 weeks.  The hip replacement capital of Canada?  Cleveland.  The Canadian system is failing and has managed to stay around this long only because Canadians can come to the U.S. for all the procedures and operations no longer available in their homeland.  

When we have "free" health care here, where will you go for all the things that aren't covered?  Mexico?

In case you haven't been watching the Democratic National Convention, let me summarize it for you:

pander, pander, tax, spend, pander, tax, you people are helpless and need us to provide for you, tax, two Americas, blah, blah, blah, pander, condescend, pick-a-little-talk-a-little cheep-cheep-cheep talk-a-lot-pick-a-little-more, pander, spend, Bush is an idiot, hope is on the way (oh, please) tax, lie, tax, cheep-cheep-cheep talk-a-lot-pick-a-little-more, spend, pander, yawn.

So today I saw an interview with vice-presidential candidate John Edwards recorded in early 2002.  In this interview, Edwards said that the biggest threat facing the United States guessed it - Saddam Hussein and Iraq!

How do the lefties in this country sleep at night?

So earlier tonight I went to the county fair to see Paul Revere & the Raiders.  Long-time fan - don't ask.  But entering the fairgrounds was so disgusting, I considered turning around and leaving.  There are metal-detectors and x-ray machines!  To get into the county fair!  Isn't the fair supposed to be about American tradition?  A celebration of who we are as a people?  What kind of future do we have if we no longer trust each other?

And here's an aside for the fine nazi's running the fair:  The fairgrounds are a zillion square acres.  Anyone who wants to smuggle in a gun could just drop it over the fence and pick it up later.  Or maybe you think some criminal will be deterred by all those uniformed security guards with pointy badges but no weapons.

John Kerry said that "People shouldn't work for the economy - the economy should work for the people."  If you know what that means, write to me at and explain it.  Maybe I'll send you a toaster.