Is it just me?  (Frankly, I'm used to it being just me but I thought I'd ask)  The Robert Blake case has just ended the way the OJ case ended - they were both found civilly liable for wrongful death even though they were previously found not guilty of committing murder.  It appears that, in this country, you are innocent until proven guilty, but guilty after being found not guilty.

I found the most incredible product!!  You won't believe this!

A flashlight that lets you see in total darkness!  What will they think of next?

I just saw an interview with two guys from some pornography church - don't ask.  They have some religious program designed to rid the world of pornography and make everybody hap-hap-happy.  So the interviewer asked one of the guys how he came up with this idea.  The guy said:

"I was praying in the shower and god said one word to me: 'PORN'."

He might want to go a little easy with that shower massage.  But tell me, is there any better combination than psychosis mixed with meddling?

Things must be going very well in San Francisco because mayor Gavin Newsom is proposing to install wireless internet access throughout the entire city.  Not only that, he declared it to be a "fundamental right."  Forget the filth.  Forget the homeless.  Forget the rampant crime.  Forget the $200 million deficit.  Wireless internet for everyone.  This guy is making Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown look almost normal.

Oops!  This just in: 

San Francisco - A 37-year-old woman was assaulted and robbed while walking home from BART Wednesday afternoon and her assailants, she told police, were a group of children -- both boys and girls -- between the ages of 10 and 12.   The kids jumped the woman from behind, knocked her over and kicked her, police said.  One of the kids took pictures of the assault with a camera phone.

Yup, everything's just fine in San Francisco unless you happen to believe that walking home from work unmolested is a fundamental right.

I was just watching some rubes promoting "intelligent design."  These people actually state that this is a viable scientific theory because "life is too complex to have arisen on its own."  So what is their conclusion?  That the "complex life" on Earth was created by a being who is even MORE complex.  Are these people so utterly stupid that they can't see the obvious contradiction or do they just have an agenda?


Didja watch that JetBlue A320 land with the faulty nose gear?  Pretty cool.  But why are so many news critters calling the pilot a hero?  What did he do that was so heroic?  He flew in a circle for three hours and then he landed the plane.  Yes, he did a good job but was it heroic?  The plane was never in any real danger and even if it were, the pilot's own butt was on board - you can't be a hero if you save yourself.

Allow me to turn this space over to someone far more eloquent than I could ever hope to be:

"I find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution, and I do not believe that the power and the duty of the General Government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit.  The friendliness and charity of our countrymen can always be relied upon to relieve their fellow citizens in misfortune. This has been repeatedly and quite lately demonstrated.  Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the Government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct which strengthens the bonds of a common brotherhood." 

                                                            - Grover Cleveland

Ray Nagin hates black people.

This is from the front page of today's S.F. Chronicle:

Home heating bills in Northern California will leap by an estimated 40 percent this winter...That's the steepest increase since fraud and deregulation caused a major spike in 2001...

Deregulation?  Here's what the Chronicle said in 2001:

The law required the utilities to shed their generating and transmission facilities, to freeze rates until they completed the sale of their assets, and buy power in a huge open auction market for electricity, known as the Power Exchange, now-defunct, where supply and demand were matched every day and hour.

Does that sound like deregulation to you?  If it does, you may be a socialist.

Ever since the hurricane hit, we've watched how two different cultures have handled their problems.  In New Orleans, probably the most corrupt city in the country, gun control was the order of the day.  People being put into shelters were searched and their weapons taken from them.  The military went through neighborhoods, disarming the innocent.  The resulting violence seemed to surprise everyone in charge.  

In Mississippi, citizens were openly walking around with rifles and sidearms while signs proclaimed that looters would be shot.

You decide which method yielded the best results.

The so-called "Progressives" are now denigrating the free market as the cause of the problems in New Orleans.  Here's Paul Krugman:

But the federal government's lethal ineptitude wasn't just a consequence of Mr. Bush's personal inadequacy; it was a consequence of ideological hostility to the very idea of using government to serve the public good. For 25 years the right has been denigrating the public sector, telling us that government is always the problem, not the solution. Why should we be surprised that when we needed a government solution, it wasn't forthcoming?

And here's Robert Scheer:

For half a century, free-market purists have to great effect denigrated the essential role that modern government performs as some terrible liberal plot. Thus, the symbolism of New Orleans' flooding is tragically apt: Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal and Louisiana Gov. Huey Long's ambitious populist reforms in the 1930s eased Louisiana out of feudalism and toward modernity; the Reagan Revolution and the callousness of both Bush administrations have sent them back toward the abyss. 

Nice, huh?  We've spent trillions on New Deal and Great Society programs and what do we have to show for it?  Looting, chaos and crime in the public housing areas of New Orleans, that's what.  Eighty per cent (80%!) of the federal budget is now spent on entitlement programs and yet New Orleans is totally corrupt and a large part of its population was living in abject poverty.  This is a FAILURE of government programs.  These people didn't need handouts from the government - they needed JOBS.

When the dust clears and the water recedes, it will be clear that governments failed at all levels and the free market came through as always (led by that target of left-wing derision, Wal-Mart).

So now Hawaii is going to put price caps on gasoline.  Bureaucrats must just be driven by blind ambition cuz they sure do lack even a modicum of intelligence.  This has been tried before and the result has always been shortages and long lines, therefore you know what the result will be this time.  But there's an even more disheartening part of the story:  One local citizen actually said "I think it's initially going to hurt but if we're looking at a world where gas goes to $5 but it's capped here at $3, then that wouldn't be bad."

If you're running an oil company and gas is priced at $3 in Hawaii and $5 on the mainland, where would you sell your gas?  Rather than capping prices, why not put a minimum IQ restriction on voters?

Here we go again.  Now it's rich boy Lance Armstrong asking the president for more money for cancer research.  How much is this guy worth?  He probably makes more money in a year than you'll make in your lifetime.  So why is this weasel asking Bush to steal more of YOUR money?

Lance old buddy, have a bake sale.  Write another book.  Or just ask us for some help with your cause.  This stealing stuff is getting old.

Note to NASA:  Would it have killed you to paint it a different color?


I just heard this lady on my teevee talking about how we should fund transit security.  She said: "I think the government has more money than we do - they should pay for it."

This, my friends, is the price we pay for having public schools.

Some scientists have discovered a new planet that has three suns.  Here's what they say:  "The discovery could shake up theories of how planets are formed and open up the prospect that there are a lot more planets than has been assumed."

Here's the deal:  The universe is infinite in time and space.  Therefore, there are an infinite number of planets in the universe.  That means that life is also infinite throughout the universe.  Honestly, these people sound like the geo-centrists of the past.

Get this:  Nearly nine years after the fatal crash of TWA 800, safety officials say little has been done to reduce the flammability of vapors in aircraft fuel tanks.  

I have an idea:  Why not just keep them from being hit by missiles?

This is rich - the Dems are insisting that Bush not appoint anyone "too radical" to the Supreme Court.  Yeah, we wouldn't  want any extremists like say, Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Geez, the woman is to the left of Stalin.

Sadly, the Institute for Justice ran into a wall of Supreme Court idiots and lost its appeal on eminent domain.  This ruling was a blow for poor people and maybe even non-profit organizations as their property will now be targeted by rich developers and greedy city governments.  Funny how the most liberal members of the court sided with the developers and the most conservative members voted to protect the rights of the people.

It's really nice that Utah cub scout was found alive but how dorky are this kid's parents?  They told him if he ever got lost he should stay on the trail and avoid strangers so the kid went into hiding every time he saw someone from a rescue party.  Did the parents really believe the woods are filled with molesters and kidnappers?  Is this the price we pay for the 24-hour news cycle?

Do we need any more evidence that post-modernist philosophy is ruining the great civilizations?  Now there's a group of doctors in England calling for the banning of "pointy" knives.  Noting that violent crime in Britain rose nearly 18% from 2003 to 2004, the Daily Express noted that "Britain is in the grip of knives terror - a third of murder victims are now stabbed to death."

They failed to note that crime has risen alarmingly ever since the Brits banned the private ownership of guns and outlawed self-defense by declaring that defense is the responsibility of "society."  Such gibberish is well-embedded in these perverted socialists like a crazed spirochete burrowing deeper into their already aerated brain matter.  From claiming that "society" will protect you to the idiocy of blaming inanimate objects for committing crimes, these mentally ill rubes are getting thousands of innocent people murdered.

Here's some advice for those of you doing Foley work in Hollywood:  First, revolvers don't eject shell casings.  I can't tell you how many movies and TV shows I've seen where someone fires a revolver and we hear the shell casing hit the sidewalk.  And last week on Lost, we were treated to the sound of the hammer being pulled back on a Glock.  The only problem is that the Glock is double-action-only which means it doesn't have a hammer.  And to make it worse, a minute after the non-existent hammer was cocked, the guy cocked it again.

We've all been taught that it's wrong to profile black men driving in white neighborhoods and Arab men getting on airplanes, so why is it okay to profile the boyfriend or husband when a woman goes missing?

After the Elian Gonzalez circus, the 2000 election circus and now the Terri Shiavo circus, I'm starting to think that Florida is a persistent, vegetative state.

Several in the religious community have stated that the death of Terri Schiavo was "God's will."  But if they believe that, why have they been fighting so hard to thwart the will of their god?

As I'm writing this, the Terri Schiavo case appears headed to the Supreme Court.  This case has gotten truly bizarre - there are allegations of abuse, greed  and even murder and it's obvious there are many people who are either lying or mistaken.  People on both sides are claiming to know what Terri would have wanted even though she left nothing in writing.  And many with political axes to grind about abortion, or the right to die or whatever their cause are littering the streets with their irrelevant human dross.  The Constitutional principles of separation of powers, ex post facto and bills of attainder have been shredded beyond belief if not repair.  

But answer this: Who is harmed if the feeding tube is reinserted?  The people who wanted the tube removed are claiming she's brain dead and she wouldn't want to live like this.  But if she's brain dead, she's totally unaware of what is going on so what difference does it make?  Her parents want her alive and THEY are both fully functional.  Is it really such a big deal to keep her alive for the sake of her parents?

Look, I know there are different jurisdictions and all, but how is it that a convicted sex offender is free to kidnap, rape and murder an innocent young girl but Martha Stewart has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet?  Here's my idea: Forget Megan's Law.  Anyone convicted of raping a child should be taken into the desert and castrated with a dull knife.  Then tell him if he manages to crawl back to civilization we'll shoot him in the head.

It was a terrible tragedy in that Atlanta courtroom the other day.  Not to be overly critical or anything, but many years ago I was arrested for being an hour late to federal court (not really my fault - there was a Shriner's convention in town and I couldn't find a parking place).  After being searched, fingerprinted and handcuffed, FIVE burly U.S. Marshals accompanied me to court, escorting me through the labyrinth of narrow security corridors that snake secretly through the San Francisco federal building.  That's two Marshals behind me carrying .45's, two in front of me carrying .45's and one guy leading the way with a shotgun.

To be fair, I was about 165 pounds and had admitted to being tardy so there's no doubt I posed a serious threat.  I mean, it's not like I was a 200 pound, kidnapping rapist who had been arrested with a machine gun and had tried to smuggle a couple of knives into the courtroom the day before.

Well, Christo's saffron gates have finally been removed from Central Park.  The exhibit served to remind me that there are two types of people in the world - those who are objective and rational and those who believe that any childish, anal outburst by a pompous moron represents "art."

I was just reading about this BTK slime who was recently captured in Wichita.  Turns out he was a bureaucrat, a poet and the president of his church.  So I can't say I'm surprised there.  But he was also a Cub Scout leader!  I guess it's okay for a Cub Scout leader to be a mass killer just as long as he isn't homosexual.

At the Academy Awards tonight, they showed a short film and here's a direct quote from it:  We'll always have heroes except some are, you know, different now.  So just what hero did they show right after saying that?  Was it perhaps Christopher Reeve?  Or maybe Jerry Lewis or Michael J. Fox?   No,  it was that lying gasbag Michael Moore!

And the clip they showed of him was from Roger & Me, the documentary this very Academy denied an award due to the lies contained therein.  This is a hero?

Here's a nice quote from my local paper:

    ...California's gas tax has not kept pace with the rate of inflation.

Excuse me while I go slash my wrists.

So Carly Fiorina is out at Hewlett-Packard.  Not only that, I understand Moe Green is out of the Tropicana.

Super Sunday is the purest of holidays.  The event just spontaneously grew to monumental proportions bolstered by happy fans and benevolent corporate sponsors.  Not a government proclamation or bureaucrat in sight.

And I'm so glad that God finished up killing all those people with the tsunami so he could help Terrell Owens recover in time for the game.

Go 49ers.

In George Bush's inauguration speech he used the word freedom 27 times and the word liberty 15 times.  That's more than Bill Clinton has used those words in his entire life.  Bush also said that there can be no human rights without human liberty so since the Brits have outlawed the right of self-defense, I suppose next we'd better invade England.