Interesting Sites


Here are some sites I find interesting (or I owe them money) so check them out.


The first is  The proprietor is my good buddy Mike Frees who is almost as smart as I am.  He has a unique view of the world, tells a great story and knows a lot of esoteric stuff.  And if you're into what they call "books" he also has a lot of reviews on his site.


If you're interested in Las Vegas (or even if you aren't) then be sure to check out from my old buddy Bryan Eggers.  He runs a zillion sites but this is his jewel. 


Now let's say you're interested in music production and Mac coding.  Or more specifically,  maybe you have questions about creating audio units with Cocoa Views on OSX (and who doesn't?)  Where could you possibly go?  Check out from my pal Harold.  The man is close to a genius (when he's hanging out with me).